£eith Decides 2016-17

Help decide what is funded in your area


Funding available - £44,184

  • £8,000 for grants of up to £1,000 (16 projects, total value of £11,455)
  • £36,184 for grants of up to £3,000 (40 projects, total value of £103,590)


12.30pm - 3pm, Saturday 8 October 2016

  • Launch event at Leith Community Education Centre.  A record number of applications have been received, so come along, meet the groups who have applied for funding and help make the decision on grant awards.

12.30pm Sat 8 Oct - 5pm Sat 22 Oct 2016

Social Media

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Who can vote?

Anyone aged 8+ who lives, works, volunteers or studies in the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership area can vote.

What is '£eith decides'?

£eith decides is an approach used by Leith Neighbourhood Partnership to allocate its Community Grants Fund.

This type of approach is called Participatory Budgeting (PB) and allows you to decide about issues that matter to you.  If you're part of a local group you can put forward your own ideas, and then local people vote on them.  So it is more than asking people what they think - local people make the decisions.

Getting Involved

Everyone who is eligible can get involved by voting/scoring projects.  £eith decides could not happen without local volunteers.  Volunteers from Community Councils have been planning and delivering on £eith decides for six years and are now in their seventh year.  Volunteers are also needed to staff the event, register voters, helping people understand the process and counting the votes.

You can also help by spreading the word.  You could know about a small group who meets to provide support for each other, learn a new skill or for any other reason who could use some money, even a few hundred pounds.

Remember, Leith Neighbourhood Partnership covers a wide area, across two council wards (Leith and Leith Walk).  See the map.

Useful information:

Got a questions about PB or the £eith decides process? Want to get more involved?  Check our FAQs or contact Loraine at  leith.decides@edinburgh.gov.uk

You can also look at the evaluation reports from the last 5 years of £eith decides. You'll get more detail here about who has applied, how many people have voted and which projects got funding.

Keep up to date on www.facebook.com/voteforleithdecides