Evaluation Reports

The people of Leith have 6 years of experience of making the decision on the allocation of Community Grants.  On 17 March the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership Board, together with the £eith decides Steering Group and Leith Funding Panel, made decisions with the aim of strengthening this community resposibility.  Click here for Development Report from that meeting.

Decisions agreed include the following:

  • All Community Grant funding (£44,184) will be allocated by the Leith people for the financial year 2016-17.
  • There will be two groups of applications.  Applications of up to £3,000 and applications of up to £1,000
  • The decision-making (voting) period will be brought forward to an autumn date.
  • The Neighbourhood Manager may extend the time period for delivery of projects.

The £eith decides Steering Group are working on these and other developments.

For information about the previous 5 years of £eith Decides, have a look at the evaluation reports from each year. 

Financial year 2014/15

Financial year 2013/14

Financial year 2012/13

Financial year 2010/11

Financial year 2011/12