Local Community Plan 2014-17

LeithThe Leith Neighbourhood Partnership brings together local people, elected members and a range of local services. We work together to make Leith a better place for all.

We spoke to over 700 people in the Leith community to identify priorities for our Local Community Plan 2014-17. You told us the things you would like us to work on, and why

  • A clean, green Leith is still a top priority. You told us you are happier that progress has been made, but we can still do more
  • You told us you are concerned about Leith's economy and  want to help people and households to get on financially. Many  households in the area live below the poverty line
  • A healthy Leith is a priority for all. Those affected by poverty,  social isolation, disability or addiction are especially in need of  local services
  • Generally, you feel Leith is a safe place. But it is important to you  that we keep working to make it feel even safer
  • People of all ages want more things for children and young people  to do on evenings and weekends. The number of households  with children in the area has increased over the past decade
  • Also, we are working to make it easier for more of you to make  decisions about the Leith area, as this is something many of you  feel is important.

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Our priorities

Clean, Green Leith

  • Improve the appearance of public spaces, parks, bins and empty shops
  • Foster a sense of individual responsibility for keeping the area clean
  • Make Leith easier and safer to move around

Leith Economy

  • Help people into work, volunteering, training and education
  • Support people to set up businesses in the local area

Healthy Leith

  • Tackle older people's social isolation
  • More activities that make people feel physically and mentally well

Safe Leith

  • Develop closer links between the community and safety services
  • Raise awareness of how to report safety concerns

Young Leithers

  • Improve outdoor play and recreation facilities for children and young people
  • Promote locally organised activities for young people

Engaged Leith

  • Establish a community capacity building programme
  • Keep using £eith Decides to allocate money

The Leith Neighbourhood Partnership Board agreed the recommendations in the Local Community Plan 2014-17 and Review of Neighbourhood Partnership Arrangements report in August 2014.