Police Scotland Edinburgh Division

Police Scotland - Edinburgh Division

Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh was recently ranked as one of the top five safest cities in the UK (YouGov poll 2009), and regularly plays host to international sporting and cultural events and celebrations, including the famous Edinburgh Festivals and the International Military Tattoo.

The divisional headquarters is St. Leonard's Police Station in central Edinburgh where the Local Police Commander, four functional Superintendents and a Detective Superintendent are located.  The station also houses the Divisional Custody Centre. There are 14 other stations across the city (inclusive of the Police Information Centre).

Edinburgh Division covers a large geographic area from Leith in the North of the city to the Pentlands in the South, with a resident population of around 486,000 - swelling to almost double that during the summer months.
There is a staff of 1300 police officers and 240 police staff, which make it is one of the largest police divisions in the UK.

The Division has aligned with the respective local councils with each having a dedicated Area Commander who has the responsibility for all day-to-day policing functions.

Each area is served by a number of community policing teams. These teams are built around the needs of local people. They are responsible for responding to calls in the local area, as well as looking for long term solutions to key issues and keeping people safe.

Organisational Aim

The purpose of Police Scotland Edinburgh Division along with its strategic partners is to:

  • prevent crime,
  • keep the peace,
  • protect and reassure the community,
  • uphold the law firmly and fairly, and
  • pursue and identify those who break the law

Current Priorities

The current priorities for the Police Scotland Edinburgh Division are:

1. Public safety

2. Antisocial behaviour

3. Serious and organised crime

Contact details

Chief Inspector Alwyn Bell
St.Leonards Police Station, 14 St.Leonards Street, Edinburgh,
EH8 9QW.

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