Community Engagement

Community engagement is at the heart of the NP arrangements. The Local Government Scotland Act 2003, which establishes the framework for community planning, identifies the key aim of community planning as' making sure people and communities are genuinely engaged in the decisions made on the public services which affect them.'

Standards for Community Engagement

Community engagement activity is underpinned by the Standards for Community Engagement.  These common standards reflect existing good practice and are based on national development work undertaken by Communities Scotland.

The range of good and innovative practice to actively engage communities through the NPs has led to real improvements in the targeting and delivery of local services across the city as evidenced in the  Edinburgh Peoples Survey

Engagement Activities

NPs carry out a wide range of activities aimed at involving the whole community including surveys on street and in mobile facilities such as the children's library bus; roadshow programmes including attendance at local events, gala days and community meetings; holding of themed events, youth engagement events and holding of weeks of action on local priority themes such as the environment or community safety. 

Social Media Tools

Existing engagement approaches have been enhanced further with the introduction of social media tools.  All six SfC neighbourhood teams have active Twitter accounts and some also have Facebook accounts too.  In addition, the NP Twitter account was launched in January 2014.  Social media is used with the aim of increasing levels of engagement on local issues and is recognised as beneficial in generating 'online' engagement activity from people not previously known to be in direct contact with NPs.