NP Guidelines

Neighbourhood Partnerships (NPs) began meeting in August 2007, to make sure local communities have more influence on a wide range of services delivered in their area. They are part of the way our city's public agencies are working together to meet our duty to deliver local community planning.

report to Council in March 2007 outlined key elements required for the establishment of NPs. This report, together with the constitution for NPs, explains how they should operate and how they should involve representatives from other public agencies and the local community.

The NP guidelines are a set of reference documents that provide information and direction in relation to the aims and organisation of NPs and the standards expected of Board members:

NP Constitution 

Code of Conduct for Councillors 

Further information

The handbook for NP members provides useful general information on the NP scheme, explaining how it should operate. If you have a more specific enquiry please contact Michele Mulvaney on 0131 469 3541.