Neighbourhood Partnership Performance


Neighbourhood Partnerships (NPs) seek to involve the wider community by regularly reporting their activities in a clear and accessible way. Regular monitoring different Partnership activity across the City is a key way to increase confidence in partnership working. Showing where things are successful as well as where they could be improved also helps to encourage future participation from local people.

Across the City NPs have agreed a set of principles that all Partnerships will promote when reporting their progress both internally and externally.

These principles of performance reporting are set out in the Neighbourhood Partnership Performance Framework.

Attached to this there are  guidance notes  that give
examples as well as explaining key concepts, and  a  glossary that defines the key terms.

The current Local Community Plans run from 2014 to 2017
and Framework will also be reviewed at the end of this period.

Action Plans

Each priority the NP has agreed to deliver has an action plan. These plans details what work the NP is undertaking, who is leading on specific projects, and when these are to be completed.


Progress on the delivery of the local community plans is reported regularly to each NP board. Often this is done by circulating up to date action plans or the lead partner for a piece of work giving a verbal report. In addition, NPs will consider progress against the priorities on an annual basis. 

Each NP also reports back to its partners through an annual scorecard. This scorecard forms part of a report that details partnership working across the City and details NP progress towards key outcomes.

In the City of Edinburgh Council these scorecards are reported through the Communities and Neighbourhoods Committee.