The Neighbourhood Partnership Scheme

Local Community Planning in Edinburgh

Neighbourhood Partnerships (NPs) began meeting in August 2007, to make sure local communities have more influence on a wide range of services delivered in their area. They are part of the way our city's public agencies are working together to meet our duty to deliver local community planning.

The Council agreed a scheme for Neighbourhood Partnerships to operate in March 2007. The scheme, with a constitution for NPs, explains how they should operate and how they should involve representatives from other public agencies and the local community.

You can download or view the report to the Council meeting of 8 March 2007, that set out the scheme for Neighbourhood Partnerships here.

The minutes of that meeting, include an amendment to the NP Constitution.

We have developed a Handbood for NP members which gives more information for those who are involved in or interested in NPs.

How NPs work in practice

Neighbourhood Partnerships each develop short term (3 years) Local Community Plans which set out the main issues and priorities for each NP area. These plans identify the activities that partners will work on together to address these priorities and help the NPs to monitor their progress.

Each NP has Action Groups which bring local people and partners together to work on one of the themes of the local community plan, such as Health and Well Being, or the local Environment. 

Action groups (sometimes called 'sub groups') help partners to better coordinate their work together, and to make sure that services improve in a way that will meet local needs.

You can find out more about the Local Community Plans and action groups for each NP from their individual home pages on this website.