Community Councils


Community Councils

Community councils are groups of local people who care about their community and want to make their area a better place to live. There are 44 community councils in Edinburgh.  You can find out more about your community council from the drop down list.

Each community council has a representative on the Neighbourhood Partnership for its area. Community councils act to ensure that local people can have a say in the way services are delivered  by seeking and expressing the views of the community. This video explains the role of community councils.

Community Council Support and Development Programme  

Three sessions have now been held as part of the Community Council Support and Development Programme. These include Neighbourhood Partnerships and Community Engagement. Further information and resources from the events can be found here.

Community Council Triennial Elections

Following on from the Community Council Triennial Electons in Autumn 2016, two induction sessions were held in the City Chambers for community council members in December 2016 and March 2017. A range of topics were discussed and you can view all the presentations and find further information here.

Get involved!

Watch the video clip and read the Community Council Scheme to find out more information about getting involved in your Community Council.  

Further resources and support available to Community Councils includes:

The Community Council Guidance notes which have been developed to support the Scheme.  

The City's libraries can be used to promote and support community councils and information is available to read here.  

Funding opportunities that can be accessed through the City's Community Funding Support Programme.

The Edinburgh Association of Community Councils (EACC) provides a forum for community councils in Edinburgh to get together.

Further information can also be viewed on the Council website.  

For further information about Community Councils and the Planning system, please visit the Council website.

As part of the Scottish Government's work in collaboration with COSLA to enhance the role of Community Councils, the Improvement Service has developed a Community Council website.

If you have any further questions, you can contact:

_MG_0519.JPGTel: 0131 469 3870