Grange/Prestonfield Community Council


Grange/Prestonfield CC meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month except April, July, August and December. Meetings are held in Cameron House Community Education Centre, 34 Prestonfield Ave.

667 8027

The Community Council was formed in September 2007 and lies within the Southside/Newington City Council ward.  It covers the area from Grange Road in the north to Kings Buildings in the south, Oswald Road in the west to Kings Meadow in the east.

The main issues covered to date have included planning applications (especially for the Kings Buildings development), the proposed extension of the controlled parking zone (CPZ) and the future of the suburban railway.Experts on these matters have been invited to address the CC meetings and 2 public meetings were held to allow residents to express views on the CPZ extension which were included in the CC response to this consultation.