Morningside Community Council


Morningside CC meets every third Wednesday of the month except July and December at 7.30 pm om the Open Door.

0131 447 5976

Morningside Community Council is involved in a wide range of activities.

We monitor planning applications, report environmental defects (drains, potholes, graffiti, etc), take an interest in local parks and open space, maintain good relations with the police, local schools and Napier university. We try to involve local traders in community action and to prevent the loss of local bus services, re-cycling facilities, etc.

At community council meetings we discuss roads, transport, the environment, planning, health and whatever happens to be current in the area from time to time.

We have reps on the South Central NP, the EACC, the Environmental Forum and several ad hoc Council and other committees and working groups.

We publish a half-yearly newsletter, maintain a website, and contribute to local community newspapers