Community Grants Fund Information

Community Grants Fund - Information

The Community Grants Fund is designed to support pieces of work or projects which fall outside mainstream service delivery, but which clearly benefit local people in the Almond NP area.  A grant of up to £5,000 is available to constituted community groups with an open membership.

The Neighbourhood Partnership assesses applications on the basis of the priorities set out in the Local Community Plan 2014/17  These are: 

1    Supporting children yung people and families
2   Building healthier communities
3   Creating safe, clean and strong communities. 
4   Roads and transport
5   Local history and heritage

6   Improving employment opportunities
The Partnership is keen to make sure that local people and organisations know about these grants and how to apply, so that we can make the best use of this resource for the local area. 

Application Forms - /about-nps/funding/community-grants-fund/
If you would like more information on the Community Grants Fund including application forms, please contact Elaine Lennon, Lifelong Learning Development Officer Tel: 0131 529 5270 or e-mail: 

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