New Waverley Community Fund

December 2016

The second round of the New Waverley Community has taken place.

DRAFT Minutes 15 Sept 2016


The New Waverley Community Fund is a joint project between the City of Edinburgh Council and the developers of the New Waverley site in the Old Town.

The total fund is £200,000, including £100,000 held by the City of Edinburgh Council from a former scheme. It's for improvements that will impact in the community, streets, key routes and gateways to the area immediately adjacent to the development sites.

The City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership (CCNP) is involved in the decision making process, which is described in the guidance notes for applicants . For more information about how this was decided, please see the minutes from the Neighbourhood Partnership Board meeting on 14 May 2015.

In the first round of applications funding was awarded to six organisations. More information about these awards can be found in a press release by the City of Edinburgh Council from Monday 14 September 2015. Details of all the applications can be found in the Minutes of the CCNP meeting from Thursday 20 August 2015.