City Centre Programme

What is the 'City Centre Programme'?

The City Centre Programme includes a number of interrelated projects with a 'place-making' agenda for the city centre. It brings a coherent approach to the projects and ensures that the needs of all users of the city centre are understood and drawn into the process.

Projects that are coordinated through the City Centre programme include:

-        George Street design

-        Design and delivery of upgrades in other 'first New Town' streets

-        Public Spaces Protocol

-        Royal Mile Action Plan 

The City Centre Programme will be linking into the following:

-        Way-finder project for signage

-        The City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership, its sub groups and its local community plan.

-        St James Quarter, Leith Programme and the Roseburn to Leith cycle way proposals.

The City Centre Programme Manager works across a number of established Council services and with key partners, including Police Scotland, the three BIDs (Greater Grassmarket, West End & Essentail Edinburgh) and other trader associations. 

Contact: Anna Herriman, City Centre Programme Manger

More information: City Centre NP e-bulletin July 2016