Poverty and Inequality Profile - City Centre

City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership - Poverty and Inequality Profile

Recent research shows that one in five households in Edinburgh live on incomes below the poverty threshold set by the UK Government. Despite the affluence and success of the city's economy, this is a level of poverty higher than the national average and higher than most other local authorities in Scotland.

Within the city, poverty levels vary considerably between neighbourhoods. In the poorest parts of Edinburgh over 27% of all households live in poverty compared to fewer than 17% of households in more affluent areas.

This profile provides a snapshot of data on poverty and income inequality in the City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership area. It is one of 12 similar profiles for all Neighbourhood Partnerships intended to support the development of strategies and action plans to reduce poverty and inequality in our city.

The information presented here is built on analysis carried out for the Edinburgh Partnership Poverty and Inequality Theme Group. More information on the work of this group in the city can be found on the City of Edinburgh Council website.

Each profile contains: 

  • A short note defining the key poverty indicators used in the report
  • Information on the number of households living in poverty in each Neighbourhood
  • Information on levels of benefits dependency and other measures of inequality
  • Links to other resources and profiles providing information on inequality in each Neighbourhood.