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Welcome to the Craigentinny & Duddingston Neighbourhood Partnership home page. We are ideally placed, with a historic castle, nearby beaches, and fantastic green spaces, including award-winning parks of scientific importance. We are keen to maintain and improve these attractions for future generations.

Locality Improvement Plans 2017-2022

With our partners, we have asked individuals and community groups for their views on local priorities and services. Using that feedback, we have worked together to develop four Locality Improvement Plans for 2017 to 2022. The Edinburgh Partnership endorsed these plans on 7 December 2017. You can read more information and download the full plans on the City of Edinburgh Council's website.

In these pages you can find out what the Neighbourhood Partnership does, and how you can get involved. There are links to the Partnership's priorities, and the current Local Community Plan. If you feel we've missed anything, or if you can't find out what you want to know, please contact us and we'll do our best to help. 

The next Neighbourhood Partnership meeting will take place on Wednesday, 13th June 2018, 1830-2030 The Ripple Project, 198 Restalrig Road South, Edinburgh EH7 6DZ.


                                                                                                    Item 5.3.2


C&D Neighbourhood Environment Programme (Housing Revenue Account/ Area Board)

Update 17 April 2018

The overall annual C&D NEP (Area Board) Budget for 2017/18 was £191.694.  

Unfortunately, Housing Officers have reported that it is still proving difficult to generate community interest in proposed projects.  This is despite extra effort to generate interest. 

This has resulted in an accruing underspend both from 2016/17 and 2017/18. 

Plans are currently underway to hold a Neighbourhood Improvement Programme event at the Restalrig Hub, at the end of May 2018.  The aim is to encourage suggestions from the community for new projects, which they see as a priority improvement that could be delivered using the remaining underspend. 

A Housing Officer will link with Residents and Tenants Groups and the Ripple Project to ensure the event is advertised extensively.

Current proposals and progress on the previously agreed work is noted below:

2016-17 Update

Project origin


Project Description


Estimated Cost


Revised Cost











Wall upgrade:

replace current damaged render,

Repair to coping stones

upgrade railings to bow topped,

plant shrubs at base of wall






Initial findings identified that more detailed and extensive work was required, and the work has been allocated to a contractor and is due to start mid May.


2017-18 Update

Projects currently being progressed.  

Project origin

Project description


Work stage


Revised Cost



















Landscaping current piece of overgrown ground, replace grass with tarmac, provide bench, renew fencing

Restalrig Square


Needs to be revised following consultation- residents would prefer to keep grass and not have a bench

Binstore- provide a lockable binstore adjacent to number 15

Lady Nairne Grove

Landownership enquiry is underway.

Low level fencing on grassed areas to prevent parking. Recommended to slab these areas to help with upkeep.

Lochend Gardens

£ 10,847

Consultation currently being planned

Landscaping- paths, plinths for seating, potentially planting of shrubs and trees

Piershill Squares West & East

Currently with surveyor awaiting scoping









 BUDGET 17/18







The Partnership is asked to:

  1. 1.    agree a recommendation to proceed with the Restalrig Square scoping
  2. 2.    proceed with the Lochend Gardens Project subject to local consultation exercise.
  3. 3.    note that costings are currently being obtained for the Lady Nairne Grove and Piershill Square Gardens West & East Projects.


Libby Strong, NE Housing Operations Manager



Item 5.3.1

Environment Budget

Briefing Note


Craigentinny & Duddingston Neighbourhood Partnership have an accumulated total of £99,306 to allocate towards Environmental Improvement projects.  This is Capital money that can only be spent on Council assets.


The Neighbourhood Partnership have previously allocated £30,000 towards environmental softening improvements within the scope of the Portobello & London Road Street Audit + Action Plan.  The proposals for the spend of this money are detailed in item 5.3.


At the last Neighbourhood Partnership meeting on the 23rd January 2018, it was agreed that Officers would identify a list of proposed projects for consideration in order to reach agreement on the allocation of funds from the accumulated total of the previous year's budget. The projects are listed in order from large to small.





Cost estimate

Actual Cost


Date Added




Portobello Road - London Road

Environmental softening improvements




Not started

7 March 2017



Works to be defined by Community

Junction Improvement

Parsons Green Terrace



Not started

22 March 2018



There is capital resurfacing planned in this area during financial year 2018/19.  Undertaking the junction enhancement at this time will minimise cost and disruption

play area upgrade

figgate park



not started

25 January 2018



This is one of our green flag parks and is becoming more popular with residents and people from surrounding area. Although major improvements have been carried out to the park with the help of the Friends groups and others, the one area that now lets the park down is the provision for play. This fund would be used to seek external funding to provide a better and more exciting play area for kids.

Junction Improvement

Craigentinny Road/Craigentinny Avenue



Not started

22 March 2018



Complaints received about difficulty for pedestrians crossing and vehicle speeds.  Additional money would be needed from other Capital budgets

Parking Bays

Meadowfield Drive



Not started

5 April 2018



Complaints received about poor parking, particularly outside primary school.  Additional money would be needed from other Capital budgets

Biohaven floating wetland

Lochend Park



Not started

5 April 2018



This park has undergone a major transformation with the setting up of friends group and the local school using it at least once per week. This effort has been rewarded with the park gaining a green Flag Award.
Locally the park is considered to be a Bird sanctuary with many winter visitors.  Some of the species found within the park are Golden eye, Teal, Poacher, Greylag goose and Little Grebe.
Unfortunately, the trees in the middle of the pond are now starting to fail.  To retain the high bio diversity within the pond it is proposed to create several floating wetlands in the middle of the trees

Create and install natural sculptures

Lochend Park



Not started

6 April 2018



This park has undergone a major transformation with the setting up of friends group and the local school using it at least once per week. This effort has been rewarded with the park gaining a Green Flag Award.
Locally the park is well used and attracts a wide range of activities.  Natural wood sculptures would add another dimension and increase interest in the park.

Replace fencing north of Railway bridge

Duddingston Road West



Not started

5 April 2018



This is on a route to school. The current fencing is in an aesthetically poor condition.  Some ground stabilisation works may be required.

 £   275,000





The Neighbourhood Partnership are asked to note that the estimated total cost of the proposed projects is £275,00 which exceeds the available budget of previous year's unallocated funds by approximately £176,000.

As such the Neighbourhood Partnership are asked to either:

  1. Decide which of the proposed projects should be taken forward during financial year 2018/19


  1. Ask Council Officers to hold a public consultation exercise within the Craigentinny and Duddingston Neighbourhood Partnership area.

Should the Neighbourhood Partnership ask Councils Officers to hold a prioritisation exercise, the Neighbourhood Partnership are asked to advise how they would like this prioritisation to be undertaken, with due consideration being given to the limited staff resource available.


Darren Ryan, NE Transport & Environment Manager. 



Your local contacts

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  • mary_dumbar.jpgMary Dunbar
    Lifelong Learning Service Manager0131 529 4415

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