Local Community Plan 2014-17

Craigentinny And DuddingstonNeighbourhood Partnerships bring local people, elected members and service providers together. Working together delivers better results for communities and saves money.

To shape this Local Community Plan 2014/17 we asked 100s of local people of all ages what a 'perfect' area would look like and what needs to be done to make it happen.

Perfect would be:

Craigentinny And Duddingston Perfect Wordcloud

To make it happen: better roads, tackle antisocial behaviour, more things for children and young people to do, clean streets with less dog fouling, affordable and well maintained housing and estates, and safer roads and pavements.

Over the next 3 year we will work with local people to deliver an area that is safe, green and clean, where people say they have good health and older people get help to remain independent if they need it, and where our children and young people do well, have fun and get opportunities for jobs and training. 

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Our priorities

Supporting children, young people and families

  • Find more land for another new youth orchard
  • Build better links with parent groups
  • Deliver local input into the new Portobello school park plan

Improving health and wellbeing

  • Deliver more opportunities for physical activity, healthy eating, sensible drinking and being socially active
  • Increase awareness of mental health issues, mental wellbeing and the risk of 'legal highs'

Creating safe, clean and strong communities

  • Deliver an area where young and old say they feel safe
  • Deliver a nice area with clean streets, less dog fouling, good roads, pavements and parks

Improving employment opportunities

  • Support more work and training opportunities, especially for young people