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There is a lot happening within our neighbourhood and one of the most exciting things taking place at the moment is the regeneration in Muirhouse and Pennywell.

Investment in our community is taking place and the first thing that you may have noticed are the new Council homes that have been built opposite Craigroyston Community High School. The construction of many more homes started over the summer months on the site of the former Craigroyston High School next to Ferry Road. Housebuilding will continue down Pennywell Road to Muirhouse Parkway over the next eight to ten years as part of the City of Edinburgh Council's 21st Century Homes house building programme.

Construction on a brand new NHS led partnership centre will also begin this year. The centre will have a new General Practice capacity to meet the needs of up to 5000 additional patients.

The City of Edinburgh Council is also looking at other possible improvements to the area around the shopping centre and library.

All of the regeneration activity will help to create new and improved homes and services. It will also bring training and employment opportunities alongside other benefits to the community. In order to deliver these improvemets, we are working with partners through Improving Muirhouse and Pennywell Group, Total Craigroyston and the wider community.

This section of the website will be updated regularly so please look in from time to time to see what's happening and if there are opportunities to get involved.

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