Building New Futures - Arts

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Northview Court Entranceway

Artist Alice Betts, based at NEA has been running research workshops at Craigroyston High School. Pupils from S3 have come up with a range of ideas in response to the Northview Court re-glazing project.

Online searches taught the participants about the possibilities and new technologies there are for bringing light and colour into public spaces. Alice and the children will be working with the Council to make some of these ideas a reality during the Northview Court refurbishment.

Public Art Application

NEA worked with the NHS Lothian Arts Manager, Susan Grant, to submit an application to Creative Scotland for artworks linked to the planned North West Edinburgh Partnership Centre, to be built near to our venue. If successful the grant will support a 30 month programme of imaginative artist residencies engaging creatively with the community, patients and staff who will use the new building.

NEA Arts Strategy for Urban Union

NEA is developing a programme of arts activities to run alongside the work of the Urban Union developments that aims to:

Raise awareness of the programme of works - who the housing is for, how it has come about, any options for design input.

Contribute to placemaking - where are the points of common knowledge, collective histories and the hidden stories of the area? What makes this home?

Offer opportunities for the current and new residents to get together - making and marking common ground between the new and existing communities, providing experiences and points of reference to be shared by all