Links to Action Group papers

The Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership currently has 4 Action Groups, to take forward the key priorities in our Local Community Plan 2014-2017 

These groups are consist of representatives from Services for Communities, other Council departments, Police, Health, Voluntary Sector, Community Councils and relevant local community groups. They work towards agreed priorities for action. Membership and representation at each of these can be viewed by clicking on the relevant minutes below.

Please click on any of the Action Groups below for minutes and meeting dates. If you would like more information, or minutes of earlier meetings, please contact Elaine Lennon on or tel 529 5270

Priority 1 - To positively engage young people

Priority 2 - To increase opportunities for all to participate in physical activity

Priority 3 - To encourage better use of local greenspace

Priority 4 - To encourage active travel

Details on Local Community Plan Action Groups 2011-2014 can be found here.

There is also a group of local representatives who meet to discuss proposals for NEP funding (Neighbourhood Environment Programme). More infor below:

Neighbourhood Environment Programme (NEP)