Inverleith Youth Decide

 Youth Decide Poster cropped.JPG

In 2013/14, the Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership ringfenced £3000 of its Community Grants Funding towards youth projects proposed, voted and selected by young people, to benefit young people across Inverleith.

It was proposed by the INP Engaging Young People Action Group that YOU(th) DECIDE INVERLEITH was repeated in 2015/16, up to the same level. This was approved by the INP Board.

An award from Scottish Government's Participatory Budgeting Initiative, matching this £3000 investment, meant that the Board has £6000 in total to:

  • ·       Fully engage with young people aged 12+ across the ward
  • ·       Give young people the opportunity to make suggestions as to what needed to be invested in, to improve the area
  • ·       Give young people the opportunity to consider, and vote on, the proposals (up to three) they wanted to see happen
  • ·       Make the above process as clear and transparent as possible
  • ·       Report back to young people at early stage

Read the full report here. Email Elaine Lennon for more info.