Inverleith Youth Talk

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In essence, the principle aim of YouthTalk is to support young people to 'Influence Local Services' and how they are delivered.

Another aim is to capture the views of as many young people as possible aged 12-18 years, providing a united voice for change.

Consideration was given to young people who may not normally engage with traditional services or attend school, as they are likely to provide greater insight as to why young people may not engage with services.

Similarly, the YouthTalk process cannot end when the event has taken place. Relevant agencies, services and individuals making a commitment to support change must do so to ensure those young people involved do not become disillusioned.

Youth Talk was planned and organised by the Inverleith Engaging Young People Action Group, Convened by Cllr Gavin Barrie.

This report gives more information. Contact Elaine Lennon if you have any queries.