Local Community Plan 2014-17

LeithThe Leith Neighbourhood Partnership brings together local people, elected members and a range of local services. We work together to make Leith a better place for all.

We spoke to over 700 people in the Leith community to identify priorities for our Local Community Plan 2014-17. You told us the things you would like us to work on, and why.

Six priorities were identified Clean, Green Leith; Leith Economy; Healthy Leith; Safe Leith; Young Leithers; Engaged Leith.  Action Groups brought service providers and local people together to work on these priorities.

A final report has been submitted to the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership, giving details of what has been achieved.

Service Partners and local people are continuing to work together to build on successes and make further progress.

Learning from their experience is contributing to the development of the North East Locality Improvement Plan.


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