Community Grants Information

The Neighbourhood Partnership Community Grants Fund is a small grants scheme (provided by the Council).

Neighbourhood Partnerships can award small grants of up to £5,000 to constituted groups for local community activity that supports the work of the Neighbourhood Partnerships and their Local Community Plans.

Who can apply? Any community or voluntary sector organisation which has a constitution or Articles of Assocation and its own bank account. Please see the guidance notes  for more information. Unfortunately schools cannot apply but their Parent Council can.

The Liberton Gilmerton Neighbourhood Partnership budget for 2017/18 is £29,595.

Applying for a Community Grant

Application Forms with details on where to submit, plus Funding Conditions are available below.
Please note that any applications submitted  electronically must be followed up by a paper copy of the form with original signatures, submitted to your local Neighbourhood Partnership Office.

NP Community Grants Fund Application Form (Word) (you can type and save changes on this version)

Council Funding Conditions

At the end of the project you will be required to submit a short evaluation report along with documentary evidence of spend (copy invoices).  You can submit the report in your own format or use ours which you can download here.

For more information on Community Grants Fund contact Andrew Gallacher (

In 2015/16 the Liberton Gilmerton Neighbourhood Partnership disbursed 18 grants totalling £29,482.

Alternative Sources of Funding

The City of Edinburgh Council Library Service runs a national database of potential funding sources -  Edinburgh4Community.     If your group is looking for funding then we recommend you visit this site.   Its free to access. 

Regularly colleagues in the Community Planning Team produce circulate a list which provides information on sources of external funding and local activities as and when we become aware of it.   It tends to look at a specific theme eg young people, education or sport etc.   Please note this list is by no means exhaustive and the information contained therein is believed to be correct at the time of circulation.   Click here to access back copies of the lists.