Local Community Plan 2014-17


Liberton And GilmertonNeighbourhood Partnerships bring local people and service providers together. Working together brings better results for communities as services and resources can be targeted more effectively to improve the local area.

To shape this community plan, we asked local people of all ages what is important to them and what action needs to be taken to improve their quality of life. More than 2,000 people took part in our consultation and told us what they felt.

As a result, four key areas for action were agreed by the Liberton and Gilmerton Neighbourhood Partnership, and partners will work together with the community to deliver their vision.


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Our priorities

Reduce isolation amongst our older residents:

  • Improve the distribution and communication of information about social activities available to older people in the area
  • Identify those who are at risk of social isolation and provide support so they can become involved in community life again
  • Increase the number of opportunities for older and younger people living in the area to socialise together

Increase support to parents:

  • Provide information and raise awareness about the support services available to local parents and their families
  • Provide parenting classes for parents whose children are making the transition from primary to secondary school
  • Promote the 'Up, up and away' literacy programme across the community

Increase awareness of domestic abuse:

  • Provide opportunities for residents and other professionals to learn about the signs and impact of domestic abuse
  • Increase access to help and support for those who are suffering from domestic abuse
  • Consult with those affected by domestic abuse to identify any key areas which made a difference to their lives and use the learning to shape future service delivery
  • Design and deliver a local domestic abuse awareness campaign through local schools, libraries and community centres 

Develop the 'YouthTalk' outcomes:

  • Involve young people in feeding back their views on the quality of local services and how they can be improved
  • Celebrate the achievements of local young people by holding a special community event
  • Work with the High Schools' Pupil Councils to involve them in the Neighbourhood Partnership
  • Create an opportunity for school leavers to develop key life skills in areas such as employment, money and housing to give them the best start in life