Neighbourhood Environment Programme (NEP)

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The Neighbourhood Environment Programme (NEP) encourages Liberton Gilmerton residents to get involved in making decisions to invest in improvements in their local area, allowing them to have an influence on a mainstream budget.  Through NEP, the community is provided with greater local accountability over local spending on investments within their area.  The NEP pulls together the views of local people, which presents the Neighbourhood Partnership with a strategic overview of the priorities across the area and allows you to have a voice.

NEP has two principal strands, namely Roads Capital improvements and Housing Revenue Account (HRA) improvements both of which can be influenced by the local community.   Click below to find out more about each of them:

ROADS CAPITAL NEP Roads Capital project proposals can be submitted by anyone and cover the whole of the Liberton Gilmerton Neighbourhood Partnership area.

HOUSING REVENUE ACCOUNT: The HRA element of the NEP programme can only be used on land which is Council owned and surrounding mixed tenure properties. 

We are inviting you to submit proposals for the 2017/18 allocation of funding (exact amount not known yet [at 27.04.17]).   Please complete the attached proforma and either send/hand it in to the Council Office at 40 Captains Road or email it to

You can download the proposal form here - it's the same form for both Roads Capital and HRA.  There is no closing date yet but get your idea in as soon as possible. 

(If returning the pro-forma via email, please ensure you request a "read receipt" (In most email set ups this can be found in "Options"). We do not accept responsibility for any undelivered mail. All submissions received will be considered and added to the portfolio, unless otherwise notified. Once completed use the "Save As" option, naming the file appropriately before returning via email.


At some point over the summer you will be asked to vote on the projects.  This will be done using a form of Participatory Budgeting or PB as it is commonly known.   The exact method of voting has yet to be agreed.

What is participatory budgeting?

The Official Definition is:  "PB directly involves local people in making decisions on the spending priorities for a defined budget."

This means engaging the community, to discuss spending priorities, make spending proposals and vote on them." More and more you will begin to hear the term "PB".  Put more simply, it is way of giving some decision-making power on spending public money to the people it affects. Who gets what, is down to you. Click here to look at a short video about how PB has been working in Edinburgh.

We haven't decided yet precisely what system of PB we will be using but it very likely to include an on-line element.  Information on how, when and where will be circulated and posted on this website in advance. 

For more information contact:

Rory Gardner, Housing Team Leader
Tel:  0131-529 5122

South East Locality Office, 40 Captains Road, Edinburgh, EH17 8QF