The Youth Talk Awards 2015 Winners

YouthTalk Logo 2013.jpgThe Youth Talk Awards 2015  took place on Thursday, 4th June 2015.  The awards were created after local young people said they want to be recognised for the contributions they make to creating a better community and improving the quality of life for those who live here.   Young people's involvement in the local community has been central to the activity of the Liberton Gilmerton Neighbourhood Partnership for several years.  Their input helps the Partnership improve services local, not just services for young people but in a wider sense.  Their efforts have a positive impact on everyone living in Liberton Gilmerton.

Young people have planned and designed some local services by working directly with the partners and staff who deliver them.  It's been successful because young people have been at the centre of it all.  They've not only been involved in the process but been enabled and encouraged to steer it.
A number of local young people worked together to select the award categories and design the event.  They want to celebrate the efforts of pupils in P7-S6, as well as the work of young people aged 18-24 too.  Young people were asked to nominate potential candidates and subsequently voted for the winners. 

All those nominated were extremely talented, skilled and community minded and all of them merit recognition.  They give of themselves for the benefit of their community.  Liberton Gilmerton should be justly proud of its young people.

Congratulations to everyone nominated - here are our winners for 2015:

Youth Talk 2015 Winners.jpg