Neighbourhood Environment Programme (NEPs)

Green TreeNEPs are designed to get residents involved in making decisions for local environmental improvements, allowing local people to have a say on how these Council budgets are spent.

There are two types of NEPs: one for improvements to local roads and footpaths; and the other for improvements to areas of council housing. In both the local community plays a significant role in deciding where this money is spent. 

Roads and Footpaths

Everybody in the community can have a say on what improvements are made. This can be done by contacting one of your local councillors community council, or tenants' organisation, who are able to submit suggestions annually on your behalf.

Following suggestions made by community members projects are selected following a scoring process that involves local representatives and the neighbourhood roads team. If you would like more information on this process please consult the Guidance Note or get in touch.

Council Housing Areas

As the housing NEPs projects are funded through the rents from council tenants they are only for improvements to Council housing and the surrounding areas.  Decisions on which projects should go ahead are made through the South West Area Board which meets twice a year. The Area Board is a joint meeting of representatives from both the South West and Pentlands Neighbourhoods and involes members of Council Registered Tenants' Organisations (RTOs) and community councils representing the interests of local council tenants, as well as local councillors.

The housing projects are selected through scoring by the Area Board and the Scoring and Weighting formsets out the criteria for how this is done.

If you are member of a local RTO that does not send a representative, or you are interested in esatblishing an RTO, please get in touch.

For information on NEPs please contact:
Roads NEPs - Andy Edwards
Housing NEPs - Sandra McLeod
Or call the Neighbourhood Office on 0131 527 3800