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There are 4 weeks to go until You Decide! Is officially open for applications from you the community, however why wait until then to get ahead of the game. You could be chatting to a North East Locality staff member. Contact us at the email below about any project or piece of work you feel would improve your local area. Just take 5 minutes, yes just 5 minutes to discuss the potential project, how hard can that be?

Think about it, if someone walked up to you in the street and said how would you like some funding to improve your area or address a gap in service provision not currently being met what would you say. I hope it would be 'show me where to get an application form and the address to send it?'

Your application doesn't have to be long or complicated, but what it must do is capture the public imagination, or at least clearly convince them that what you are proposing is necessary that so much so that they make sure they vote for your project as one of their 5 picks.

Well for the fourth year running the Portobello & Craigmillar Neighbourhood Partnership are giving local people the power to decide how our £22,637 of Community Grants will be spent. Think about it, the community deciding the projects that will be go ahead to make that all important difference in this partnership area. That alone must be worth taking part.

Just to remind you there are two funding pots available. Groups can apply for the smaller fund which remains at £500, however this year the large funding stream is up to £2,000, so I'll ask the question again, what could you do in your area with some funding?

Information is now available on the Partnership website;


Or Email Scott Neill -