You Decide! 2016

300 people attended You Decide! 2016 in Portobello Town Hall on Saturday 14 May to vote on who should receive a Community Grant. Click here to find the 2016 results.

The Portobello & Craigmillar Neighbourhood Partnership decided that applications to its Community Grants Fund in 2016-17 should be decided by the local people. Applications were voted on at the You Decide! 2016 day on Saturday 14 May at Portobello Town Hall. Voting for young people aged between 8 and 16 years old also took place in Craigmillar Library on 14 May. Around 300 people voted and 20 applications, out of 25, were successful.

The allocation of £21,737 was divided into a fund of £7,500 for applications up to a maximum of £500, especially to assist new or smaller groups with start-up costs and/or pieces of equipment. 
The balance of £14,237 was to deal with applications up to a maximum of £1,500. Only 4 applications amounting to £1,999 were received at the £500 level, and they were awarded.  The balance was transferred into the bigger sum with the £1,500 maximum.

Council Funding Conditions are here

Look for ideas and guidance on the PB Scotland website here