Community Councils - South Central

cc young person.jpgCommunity Councils give local residents the opportunity to influence what happens in their area - members get involved in a wide range of activities, comment on planning and licensing applications, take part in community campaigns and work with others to improve the local area.

Community councils are made up of local residents and community groups such as youth forums, parent councils and student bodies. Each one is represented on the Neighbourhood Partnership for the area, where they work with local elected members, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, NHS Lothian and the voluntary sector to identify and deliver local priorities.

Meetings are held usually once a month and members get involved in a wide range of issues.   They will campaign and lobby on issues which are important to the local community. 

Within the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership area we have six active Community Councils which cover Bruntsfield, Dumbiedykes, Grange, Marchmont, Merchiston, Morningside, Newington, Prestonfield, Tollcross, Sciennes and the Southside.

Undernoted are the links to their websites.   From there you can find out which one is appropriate to where you live along with where and when they meet.  

Each of them will make you very welcome.

Grange Prestonfield Community Council
Marchmont/Sciennes Community Council
Merchiston Community Council
Morningside Community Council
Southside Community Council
Tollcross Community Council