Community Grants Information

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The Neighbourhood Partnership can award small grants of up to £5,000 from the Community Grants Fund.   Groups can use the grant for local community activity that supports the work of the Partnership and the Local Community Plan.

The South Central Budget for 2017-18 is £57,373

Who can apply? Any community or voluntary sector organisation which has a constitution or Articles of Assocation and its own bank account. Please see the guidance notes for more information. Unfortunately schools cannot apply but their Parent Council can.   Click here for an application form (Word) and the Guidance Notes on eligibility and how to apply.  

A copy of the Council's standard conditions of grant funding can be downloaded here.

Applications are considered by the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership at its quarterly meetings.  Check the Diary of Events for future dates.  Applications should be submitted to Andrew Gallacher at least three weeks in advance of the meeting date.

At the end of the project you will be required to submit a short Evaluation Report along with documentary evidence of spend (copy invoices).  You can submit the report in your own format or use ours which you can download from this page.

For more information on Community Grants Fund contact Andrew Gallacher (

Previous Grant Recipients
In 2016-17, 36 groups benefited from grants totalling £77,573.  This included funding of £20,000 received from the Scottish Government specifically for distribution using Participatory budgeting. 
A full list of awards are noted below.

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Click here if you are looking for information on South Central£ Decides - April 2016

Alternative Sources of Funding
The City of Edinburgh Council Library Service runs a national database of potential funding sources - Edinburgh 4 Community. If your group is looking for funding then we recommend you visit this site.

Each month colleagues in the Community Planning Team produce and circulate a list which provides information on sources of external funding and local activities as and when we become aware of it. Each month tends to look at a specific theme eg young people, education or sport etc. Please note this list is by no means exhaustive and the information contained therein is believed to be correct at the time of circulation. Click here to access back copies of the lists.

Local Community Plan 2011 - 2014

Over the life of the 2011-2014 Local Community Plan 71 grants were awarded totalling £172,102. This chart is intended to give a flavour of how the funds have been distributed across the Neighbourhood Partnership's priorities. The Miscellaneous category includes those projects which do not directly align with a specific priority eg Meadows Festival and/or lighting for the Aria Alba Opera for All group. These projects are nonetheless considered valuable additions to the Neighbourhood Partnership's portfolio of activity. It should also be noted that many projects could have been plotted into more than one category eg Dumbiedykes Mural project could be allocated under Dumbiedykes QofL, young people and/or community safety.


SCNP - Community Grants 2011-2014