More About Us

tollcross looking to PentlandsSouth Central is one of 12 Neighbourhoods across the city.   It serves two Council Wards; Ward 10 Meadows/Morningside and Ward 15 Southside/Newington and covers a diverse area of the city from roughly Dumbiedykes to the Braids east/west and the Festival Theatre to Cameron Toll, north/south. 

Details abstracted from the 2011 census indicate that there were 67,388 people living in the area ie 34,165 in Ward 20 and 33,223 in Ward 15 all with differing needs and aspirations. 

The South Central Neighbourhood Partnership exists to achieve the best quality of life possible for the people of the area by accessing, aligning and targeting resources.

The aim of the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership to achieve an inclusive community

• Where people are able to participate in community life
• Have influence over decisions affecting them
• Are able to take responsibility for their communities
• Have a right of access to appropriate information and support
• Have equal access to services and facilities.