South Centra£ Decides - Results 2017/18

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South Centra£ Decides is a participatory budgeting approach used by the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership.  It is an opportunity for local people to have a say in how budgets are allocated in their local area. 

The selection process for the Neighbourhood Environment Programme (NEP) proposals for the financial year 17/18 has concluded.  290 individuals took part in the process this year and will disburse £60,000 from the roads capital budget.

The 10 projects that were considered as part of the process have been ranked in the following order:

1) Bernard Terrace/Spittalfield Crescent                     Estimate £25k-£30K             Scored 954 points
    Zebra Crossing

2) East Mayfield                                                       Estimate £16.6K                   Scored 763 points
    3x Footway Schemes

3) Balcarres Street                                                   Estimate £15K                      Scored 705 points
    Resurface Footway

4) Blackford Avenue                                                  Estimate £50K                     Scored 683 points
    Replace Street Trees

5) Braid Road                                                           Estimate £12K                     Scored 647 points
    Resurface Northbound Carriageway Section

6) Relugas Gardens                                                   Estimate £3K                       Scored 637 points
    Resurface Footway

6) Falcon Road West                                                 Estimate £35K                     Scored 637 points
    Resurface Carriageway Section
7) West Mains Road (New trees and tree pits)             Estimate £100K                    Scored 607 points
    Replace Lost Trees

8) Comiston Drive                                                     Estimate £100K                    Scored 533 points
    Resurface Carriageway

9) Midmar Drive @ Hermitage Drive (Carriageway)      Estimate £12K                     Scored 515 points
Apply Anti-Skid Surfacing

The breakdow for participation in this year's process is as follows:

Online participation:                       241 individuals
Well cafe pop-up event:                  4    individuals
Waitrose pop-up event:                  35  individuals
Warrender baths pop-up event:       6    individuals
Tesco pop-up event:                       4    individuals

In addition to the projects under consideration as part of the process, we are pleased to report that funding has been allocated from other budgets to the following six: 

Nicolson Street (Footway)
Granville Terrace / Gilmore Place (Footway)
Greenbank Lane - North & South (Kerblines)
Greenbank Road - North & South (Kerblines)                                       
Viewcraig Gardens (Dropped Kerb)                                                                               
Nicolson Street / West Nicolson Street / West Richmond Street (Guardrail Removal)           

For further information please contact:

Andrew Gallacher
Lifelong Learning Service Manager - South East Locality
Tel:      0131 529 5129