Local Community Plan 2014-17

South CentralNeighbourhood Partnerships bring local people and service providers together. Working together brings better results for communities as services and resources can be targeted more effectively to improve the local area.

To shape this community plan, we asked local people of all ages what is important to them and what action needs to be taken to improve their quality of life. More than 650 people took part in our consultation and told us what they felt.

As a result, four key areas for action were agreed by the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership, and partners will work together with the community to deliver their vision.


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Our priorities

Take action to make people feel safer

  • Run a series of 'clean up your doorstep' campaigns to encourage all generations to work together and help create a feeling of pride in their neighbourhood
  • Work with Police Scotland to encourage people to secure their property
  • Work with Fire Scotland to protect tenements from fire hazards by running a number of 'stair aware' initiatives
  • Create an environment where people feel safe in their community

Reduce isolation amongst our older residents

  • Improve the distribution of information on leisure, social and advice facilities
  • Arrange 'pop up information stalls' in places where people tend to gather e.g. local convenience stores, health clinics etc
  • Improve social contact by increasing participation in local activities

Work with children and young people to improve their access to outdoor space and other facilities

  • Firstly, find out from the young people themselves what would encourage them outside!
  • Support a number of developments such as the Play Corridor in Holyrood Park
  • Identify unused gap sites within the community which could be reclaimed by young people
  • Develop effective ways to keep yong people informed of what's going on in their area 

Improve the quality of life in Dumbiedykes

  • Explore solutions to the difficulties experienced by some local residents in accessing local services
  • Develop initiatives which can help alleviate social isolation amongst older people
  • Help the local community to create a feeling of belonging and pride in the area
  • Develop ways in which the community is kept informed of events, activities, initiatives and services