Profiles, Surveys & Statistics

This page provides links to a number of profiles, surveys and statistics produced by the City of Edinburgh Council and our partners.  

Edinburgh Locality & Ward Profiles:   Updated 10 March 2015 - make comparisons with localities across the city.

Edinburgh by Numbers 2015:  Edinburgh by Numbers is a collection of city facts and figures.  This is an online resource with links to more information.

The Edinburgh People's Survey (EPS):  Comprehensive  survey of Residents' perceptions of the City of Edinburgh Council and its services

The Edinburgh Fuel Poverty Map - Published May 2015: Compiled on behalf of the Council by Changeworks

The Neighbourhood Partnership Poverty and Inequality profiles:   Developed as part of an analysis carried out for the Edinburgh Partnership Poverty and Inequality Partnership at the end of 2013.

Area Profiles for South Central - 2007: Although published some years ago this is still quite useful