Developing Our Community - Local Community Plan 2014 - 17

What is the Local Community Plan ?

Local Community Plans aim to improve the quality of life for people living in local communities, by developing programmes of activities and initiatives which develop and deliver better services. The Plan focuses on key community priorities which can clearly benefit from all partners working together to achieve better outcomes for local people.

Developing the Local Community Plan

The Western Edinburgh Neighbourhood Partnership is already engaging with local communities in developing the 2014/17 Community Plan. This engagement will take place through:

Attendance at a range of community meetings, to highlight priorities already raised, seek feedback, and gain new insight into local issues and perspectives.

Programme of participation in community events e.g. fairs and gala days and local road shows and days of action, to assist in consulting the wider community.

Providing an opportunity for people to feedback online, through the Partnership website, promoted via our email networks.

Providing an opportunity for people to tell their priorities by speaking to you in the local community e.g. on street consultation or at shops

Engage with local young people on their priorities for the area

Feedback forms/ brief questionnaires in local libraries and community centres, also available for wider circulation.

Promoting opportunities for participation in the community planning process through all our partners' community contacts.

Discussion of key work streams to take place in sub groups, to develop action plans and identify officers with lead responsibility



Programme Timecales

Consultation process with public, partners and local groups July 2013 - March 2014

Feedback to partners February 2014 

Wider Engagement on key priorities, March - April 2014

Draft Plan to partners - April/May 2014

Refine draft plan May 2014

Final Draft Plan to partners June  2014

Sub groups work on populating action plans June 2014

Local Community Plan 2014 - 2017 published September 2014