Local Community Plan 2014-17

Western EdinburghNeighbourhood Partnerships bring local people, elected members and service providers together. Working together delivers better outcomes for communities. To shape this local community plan 2014-17 we asked local people of all ages what you thought are the most important priorities in your community.  You want us:

  • To make sure that children and young people are given the best possible start in life and to support young people in developing their skills and become active citizens 
  • To care for our most vulnerable residents, combat social isolation and encourage physical activity by promoting healthy lifestyles for all ages 
  • To work with you to make our area as clean, safe and as attractive  as possible allowing residents to enjoy life in their local community
  • To support people into training, education or employment and to  support positive job opportunities for school leavers and people  who are unemployed

Over the next 3 years we will involve you in deciding who is awarded money from our Community Grants Fund.  We will continue to engage and consult with you around local planning issues.  We will encourage local community groups and residents to make suggestions for local environment projects.

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Our priorities

Support children, young people and families

  • Involve youg people in deciding how the Community Grants Fund is spent by delivering a You(th) Decides programme
  • Work with local high schools to deliver a range of outdoor activities for young people
  • Offer a wide range of activities supporting children, young people and families through our local libraries

Improve health and wellbeing

  • Work with the local community to develop awareness of the needs of people with dementia and their carers
  • Develop and deliver an Ageing Well programme with Edinburgh Leisure

Create safe, clean and strong communities

  • Work to create a clean area with less dog fouling, good roads, parks and green spaces
  • Increase opportunities for local community involvement and local volunteers 
  • Work with Police and Fire Services to create a safe environment for all residents

Improve employment opportunities

  • Work with service providers to deliver regular employment advice events
  • Provide opportunities to local people to develop their job application skills through working with local businesses and employability advice services