08 August 2014

Buttercup Farm Park

BUTTERCUP FARM PARK - Drum Brae - Opening

Councillor Lesley Hinds [Convener: Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee] officially opened the Buttercup Farm Park in Drum Brae on Wednesday 13 August  2014

The park has been designed and created by the City of Edinburgh Council with support from Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust and WREN - the waste recycling group.

Phase One - is nearly finished, bringing new paths and a children's play area, seating and places to play and walk.

Phase Two - will see trees planted to line the paths, wildflower medows and memorial trees planted.

WHY THE NAME? - In the early 20th century the site was the location of the Buttercup Poultry Farm - the UK's largest at the time with over 200.000 hens - then a primary school - that building has made way for a new care home and the playing fields turned into a new urban park.


Note - Access to park from Drum Brae Ave, Durar Drive & Ardsheil Ave.Buttercup Farm 1