Muirhouse Salvesen Community Council

06 July 2017


30 June 2017

The following candidates were validly nominated for the Community Council Area named above.  As the number of candidates nominated for the Community Council was equal to the minimum number of places to be filled (6), but was less than or equal to maximum number of places to be filled(12), no poll will take place, and the candidates below are declared to be elected as Community Councillors for the Muirhouse Salvesen Community Council area.

Community Council Area:  Muirhouse Salvesen

Name of Candidate Validly Nominated

Candidate Address

Alexandra J Wright

Salvesen Crescent EH4 5JL

Paul Kelly

Salvesen Crescent EH4 5JL

Azad Adam

May Court EH4 4SD

John McCrae

Muirhouse Drive EH4 4TN

James Roy Douglas

Muirhouse Drive EH4 4TN

Paulina Puchan

Muirhouse Drive EH4 4TN