Setting the Council budget 2018/19

24 November 2017

We are planning our budget for 2018/19 and are once again looking for your feedback.

 The changes that we face, just like other cities, continue:

  • our population is changing and growing

  • demand for our services, such as for schools and health and social care, is increasing all the time

  • Council income has not kept up with rising demand.

In 2017/18 we invested over £800m on services for residents, businesses and visitors. We focussed on the things you have told us are important like education, care for older people, culture and services for vulnerable children and adults.

We have saved around £240m since 2012/13 and continue to work more efficiently and prioritise our services.  Even with this, we estimate that we need to save at least £21m by 2019, over £100m by 2021 and £150m by 2023.

Tell us what you think

Please visit our web pages at to find out more about where we are investing in 2017/18 and give us your views on how we plan to make savings in 2018/19.