The South West

South West Neighbourhood Partnership covers two Local Authority wards of Sighthill/Gorgie and Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart. At the time of the last census the area had a population of 61,292.

The Neighbourhood Partnership covers a very diverse area, comprising a range of housing types and tenures, as well as a mixture of commercial, light industrial, retail, leisure facilities and green spaces. It comprises both areas of relative affluence, with higher levels of educational attainment and employment levels, and areas with significant levels of social need, relating to higher than average unemployment and poverty.

More about our NP area

Balgreen Road

Our NP area covers two Local Authority wards of
Sighthill/Gorgie and Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart. It is densely populated and at the time of the last census it had a population of over 61,000. Just under 10% of the population below 16, whilst approximately 13.5% of the population is aged over 65.

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The area contains pockets of deprivation which occur in the
worst 5% overall in Scotland, as well as a number of areas that occur within the best 10% overall in Scotland, according to the SIMD 2006 index.

This information is important and actions in the Local Community Plan reflect the need to work to ensure that quality of life, access to employment and good health are available to all.

What amenities are available?

A large number and range of statutory educational facilities exist in the area, including twelve primary, four special and three secondary schools (plus further secondary schools just outwith the area that are accessed by local pupils). In addition the area is home to three libraries, ten community centres, and eight doctors surgeries.

South West Neighbourhood Partnership boasts a diverse range of other facilities, including further and higher educational institutions, shopping, commercial, leisure, sporting and industrial land uses. The Water of Leith and Union Canal, both focal points for walking and cycling activities which link the City's rural west to the urban centre of Edinburgh, both cross through the South West Neighbourhood Partnership area.

Transport issues are a key issue for this Neighbourhood Partnership and accordingly a Transport subgroup meets regularly and reports to the Neighbourhood Partnership.