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Saturday, 4th February 2017 


On Saturday 4th February 2017 residents of South Central Neighbourhood Partnership area Voiced their Choice and considered what community projects they wanted to see funded.

It was a great day and many congratulations to everyone who participated. All the projects do great a great job.  Local people found the event motivating not least because they got a chance to find out what good work is happening throughout the area.

We had a budget of £18,000 with 10 grant applications, totalling £19,214 for consideration. Undernoted is the list of the winners in order of popularity. 

It should be noted that originally the budget was £20,000 but unfortunately the number of applications received was less than required to ensure a proper Participatory Budgeting process.  Therefore, with approval from the Scottish Government and the Convener of the Neighbourhood Partnership, the fund was reduced to £18,000.  Despite this and due to the manner in which the scores fell, in the event nine of the 10 projects were funded in full with the 10th receiving a partial grant.   

Grange Prestonfield CC - Newington Cemetery
Access to Industry - Braidwood Garden Project
Vintage Vibes
Braidwood Bike Club
Open Door
Shrub Project
Mayfield Salisbury Playgroup
Greening our Streets
Canongate Youth

LOOPs (Partial)

An evaluation of the event will be presented to the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership at its meeting on 13th March 2017 and will be available to dowloand from here in due course.

You can still view the applications by clicking here 

This type of approach is called Participatory Budgeting or PB as it is often known. It's a system where local people decide on how local money is spent.   Click here to watch a short video on Edinburgh's PB initiatives.   Check our FAQs to find more about PB.  On the day, the scores will be totalled and the highest scoring projects will secure the funding - until we reach the £20,000 limit.

What are intergenerational activities?

Old-people-and-Young-People.jpgIntergenerational involves two or more ages coming together in a joint initiative, sharing memories, skills, knowledge and having fun! This could be anything from sport, art, history, environmental improvements, dance etc - basically whatever you like as long as it involves two or more generations.  An example of a project could be Strictly Come Dancing where over a period of weeks older people teach the younger generation how to do the Fox Trot, Jive etc.   It could also include one off events.  




For further information please contact Margaret Campbell, Partnership Development Officer. 
Tel:  0131-553 1297

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