Local Community Plan 2014-17


The Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership brings together the Community, City of Edinburgh Council, Police Scotland, NHS Lothian, Scottish Fire & Rescue and the local Voluntary Sector organisations to coordinate services and help make the area a positive place to live and work in. This is managed and supported through our Local Community Plan.

Our communities are at the heart of the process and to help better understand local
issues and concerns, we asked local people of all ages what is important to them and what would help make a positive difference.

This process identified four main areas for us to work on between now and 2017 and these are shown below. A plan of partnership action will be developed for each where we will work with individuals and organisations that can help make
a positive difference.

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Our priorities

Positively engage young people

  • We will bring together youth service providers to work with young people to better understand their needs and issues and then put in place an action plan to create positive change.  Our young people will be more involved in shaping and influencing services aimed at them

Increase opportunities for all to participate in physical activity

  • We will support Edinburgh Leisure and NHS Lothian to work with key partners and organisations to promote and develop new and existing opportunities for all to become more active.  This may involve better use of parks and support for older people to get active

Encourage better use of local green spaces

  • We will help our communities identify areas and pockets of green space that can be better used by local residents and groups to improve the appearance and use of these spaces.  This can range from simple landscaping to community growing

Encourage walking and cycling

  • We will work wiith a range of partners to introduce innovative approaches to support walking and cycling.  
  • We will explore ways to encourage parents and school children to get involved in active travel.

Please email Elaine.lennon@edinburgh.gov.uk if you'd like to get involved.