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Community Grants Funds are available to local constituted groups for one-off projects up to a maximum of £5000. Criteria and application forms are available below.

Applications can be submitted at any time, but should be at least 6-8 weeks before the date of the next public meeting. If the project is for an event which is time-crucial and takes place before public meeting schedule, please call for advice on 529 5050.

For more information on Community Grants Fund, email Elaine Lennon by clicking here.

To download a new revised CGF application form, click here CGF Application Form

To download current guidelines for Community Grants Fund, click here: CGF guidelines or CEC Funding Conditions

To download a copy of the 'End of Grant' report which is due to be completed and returned six months after date of award, please click here: End of Grant Report


The amount for allocation during 2016/17 is £26,301 and is now open for applications. As our budget is small, it is unlikely once again that the maximum £5000 will be awarded to one project unless under very special circumstances.

We welcome applications from small community groups for projects that benefit the local community, and proposals should help tackle at least one of the prioirities identified for the new Inverleith Local Community Plan:

  • to increase Opportunities for All Ages to Participate in Physical Activity
  • to encourage Walking and Cycling to school
  • to encourage Better Community Use of Local Green Space
  • to positively Engage Young people

Applications approved in 2016/17 are:

  • Fet-Lor on behalf of Inverleith Summer Programme group - £1100
  • North West Carers to support a weekly young carers group m- £2436
  • Friends of Rocheid Path to plant native species - £3500
  • Blackhall Childrens Sports Club to support Blackhall SPorts Day - £500
  • Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre to celebrate their 21st anniversary- £1767
  • Junior Parkrun UK to organise junior parkruns in Inverleith Park - £3000
  • Broughton Hugh School Association to support SeptemberFest - £888
  • Drylaw Rainbow Club to make kitchen improvements - £845
  • Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre to run a keep fit class - £360
  • The CHeyne Gang Choir to support choir for people with  breathing difficulties - £2400
  • Tanfield Bowling CLub to support a junior development programme - £554

The balance for allocation is currently £8951


Applications approved 2015/16 are:

  • Granton Youth Centre £1000 to organise a day of sporting and recreational activities in Inverleith Park
  • Fet-Lor Youth Club £2000 to organise trips and events in Drylaw Park
  • Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre £335 to install flooring in thier community kitchen area
  • ARTS afternoon £3384 to run a drumming club at Ferryhill Primary School
  • Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust £1960 to organise an event to launch Drylaw Skatepark
  • Friends of Flora Stevensons Primary £466 to install bike and scooter parking
  • LifeCare £1182 to purchase a defibrillator
  • Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre £1657 to purchase skateboard equipment and to run training sessions
  • Friends of Inverleith Park £5000 to install fitness equipment for older people
  • Edinburgh BATS Rugby £1194 to support local involvement in holiday camps 
  • Drylaw Rainbow Club £829 to purchase equipment for pampering and care of clients
  • Stockbridge and Inverleith Community Council £1299 to promote StockFest 2015
  • Friends of King George and Scotland Yard Parks £2300 to support the Here + Now exhibition taking place in Rodney Tunnel
  • Drylaw Telford Community Council £305 to attract new members to the Community Council
  • Blackhall Children's Sports £500 to support the Blackhall Children's Sports Day 2015 


The following awards have been made in 2014/15:

  • £998 to Stockbridge and Inverleith Community Council towards StockFest 2014
  • £3200 to Fet-Lor for Inverleith wide summer programme of activities for children, young people and families
  • £500 to Blackhall Children's Sports Association for Blackhall Childrens Sports Day
  • £1500 to Friends of Stockbridge School towards  musical playground equipment
  • £1000 to Edinburgh and Lothian Greenspace Trust towards a walkway / cyclepath event
  • £2436 to Dean Village Association for an information board
  • £1560 to Edinburgh Junior Netball CLub for coaching courses for members
  • £1712 to Broughton High School Association for SeptemberFest 2014
  • £2000 to Great Scottish Events for their CHristmas CHarity FEstival
  • £1200 to North West Carers to produce new campaign material
  • £3437 to Friends of Flora Stevenson Primary for outdoor play equipment
  • £362 to Broughton Association for a school video road safety project
  • £155 to Ferryhill Primary School Parents Association for a noticeboard
  • £625 to Drylaw Rainbow CLub for a 30 year anniversary celebration
  • £708 to Blackhall Athletics Football Club for equipment
  • £1025 to Fet-Lor Youth Agency for a cycling project
  • £2000 to Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust to organise a festival of physical activity
  • £383 to North Edinburgh Arts to provide support to Live Well in Later Years event
  • £1500 to Fet-Lor Youth Agency to support Youth Talk 2015 


The following awards have been made in 2013/14:

  • Blackhall Children's Sports Association - £500 to supoprt Blackhall Children's Sports Day 
  • Fet-Lor - £3300 to support Inverleith Summer Programme for childre and young people
  • Edinburgh Netball Club - £745 to arrange trip for members to International Netball event 
  • Blackhall Athletics - £2192 to purchase equipment for new team
  • Primary School Musical - £2500 to complete a film of the musical
  • Broughton Association - £2000 to support SeptemberFest 2013
  • Stockbridge Inverleith Community Council - £1000 to support StockFest 2013
  • Friends of Davidson Mains Park - £500 to contribute towards educational signage in the park
  • Black Awareness and Cultural Events - £428 towards event for Black History Month 2013
  • North West Carers Centre - £1250 to support Carers Together Group
  • Blackhall Nursery - £2250 to install scootwer racks and develop a database
  • Warriston Community Tennis Club - £4000 to install tennis court
  • Garden History Society in Scotland - £1000 to develop a conservation statement
  • Blackhall Athletics Football CLun - £1164 for equipment
  • Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre - £1432 for new cooker for groups
  • Fet-Lor Youth Club - £600 for Duke of Edinburgh trip
  • Pilton Equalities Project - £300 towards kitchen equipment
  • North Edinburgh Childcare - £1000 for healthy projects for Ferryhill Out of School Club
  • LifeCare - £1000 for cultural programme for older people
  • Fet-Lor - £2000 for Youth Decides project


Awards allocated in 2012/13 were:

  • £3361 to Fet-Lor to support area wide Summer Programme activities
  • £500 to support Blackhall Children's Sports Day
  • £2500 toward costs of new football coaching for children in Blackhall
  • £3500 towards SeptemberFest
  • £500 for new computer equipment for EDRA
  • £1250 for work to toilet facilities in Stockbridge House
  • £1229 to Drylaw Rainbow Club for an outing for service users
  • £1771 to Stockbridge Inverleith Community Council to support StockFest 2012
  • £2000 to North Edinburgh Arts Centre cafe development
  • £2100 to Stockbridge Inverleith Community Council for bike parking in Raeburn Place
  • £3500 to North Edinburgh News for development of a database of contacts and extension of print run
  • £4090 to Ferryhill Parent Council for new play equipment


Awards allocated in 2011/2012 were:

  • £3274 Fet-Lor Inverleith Summer Programme
  • £1500 Lifecare - new flooring
  • £500 Blackhall Children's Sports Day
  • £655 Maidencraig Court Residents Assocation - fencing
  • £1718 Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre - Hopscotch
  • £1500 Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre - Cycling training
  • £2000 Broughton High School Association - SeptemberFest
  • £4180 Water of Leith Honorary Bailiffs
  • £4860 to NEN to develop their community journalists
  • £690 to Drylaw Skatepark Project to carry out a Noise Study
  • £1222 to PEP to update their computer suite to offer lessons to people living in Inverleith
  • £2904 to Stepping Stones to develop their 'Moving On' programme in Drylaw
  • £1050 to Stockaree Tenants Organisation to provde art classes for tenants
  • £248 to Warriston Residents Assoction to install a metal gate 


Awards allocated in 2010/2011 were:

  • £740 to Lothian Centre for Integrated Living to run two information sessions for local disabled people
  • £1127 to Edinburgh Leisure to support a jog programme for local women
  • £1439 to Drylaw Church Disco for equipment
  • £3250 to Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre for a feasibility study into a skate park in Easter Drylaw Park
  • £1450 to Association of Scottish Muslims (Blackhall Mosque) for fencing
  • £2527 to Blackhall Nursery for storage, display boards and learning resources
  • Life Care - £500 towards creating an activities and entertainment programme for older people.
  • North Edinburgh Childcare - £1,800 towards running a ten week radio/video programme for children in Ferryhill out of school care project.
  • Stockbridge Primary School PTA - £4,000 towards playground sports/play facilities.
  • Edzell Nursery - £550 to purchase a laptop package for use by staff and children at the nursery.
  • Friends of Davidsons Mains Park - £889 towards an environmental education project with children in Davidsons Mains Primary School.
  • Drylaw Rainbow Club - £828 towards the purchase of equipment toimprove the quality of life of older people in their care.
  • Life Care - £1,000 to purchase equipment for community use at events held in Stockbridge House.
  • Edinburgh BATS Rugby - £1,500 for new rugby activities and development of existing activities in the Inverleith area.
  • Fet-Lor Youth Centre - £2,728 to support development of an extensive Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership Summer Programme 2010.
  • North Edinburgh News - £1,500 to work with children and young people from schools in Inverleith and Forth on literacy and communication skills.
  • The Yard Adventure Centre - £700 to extend their annual bonfire night in the Centre to a larger community event.
  • Broughton High School Parent Council - £760 to develop 'Broughton Identity'.
  • Inverleith Youth Forum - £1300 for a residential engagement weekend


Grants awarded from this were:

  • £5,000 to Edinburgh Treefest 2008 for artists and demonstrators for the 2 day community event held in Inverleith Park
  • £3552 to Blachhall Playgroup towards replacing furniture and equipment
  • £5000 to Friends of Ravelston Park and Woods Association towards refurbishing the hard court area
  • £3024 to Blackhall Community Association to run summer nursery playscheme and to carry out streetwork with young people 
  • £3000 to Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre to carry out a summer programme of leisure, recreational and educational activities for children and young people
  • £3578 to North Edinburgh News to extend its circulation and production to the Inverleith Ward, and to develop a business plan
  • £500 to Blackhall Children's Sports Committee towards the Blackhall Children's Sports Day 2009
  • £500 to North Edinburgh Childcare to support its summer holiday activities in Inverleith
  • £500 to Primary School Musical Voluntary Organisation to showcase a musical developed by children and parents at Stockbridge Primary School
  • £1000 to Guiding Association Raeburn Division to host a celebration of 100 years of guiding
  • £600 to Friends of Inverleith Park to create a treewalk in the park
  • £1500 to LifeCare to purchase necessary kitchen equipment
  • £3630 to Water of Leith Conservation Trust to carry out improvements to access to Water of Leith at Belford Road
  • £600 to North West Carers Centre to produce Carer Information Packs
  • £576 to Inverleith Allotments to support the refurbishment of a storage container into meeting space
  • £2987 to Blackhall Mosque to purchase equipment for youth activities in the Mosque


The following have been awarded under the Community Grants Fund since the Inverleith NP was established in August 2007:

  • £2,865 to Fet-Lor for Summer holiday activity for young people
  • £6,000 to Friends of King George V Park for research into youth facilities and tunnel project
  • £5,000 to Edinburgh Treefest 2008 for support to 2 day community event held in Inverleith Park
  • £6,000 to Blackhall Nursery for equipment and fittings for extension to building.
  • £4000 to Stockbridge and Inverleith Community Council to support Stockbridge Festival.
  • £760 to The Yard to produce an e-newsletter.
  • £2499 to Stockaree Tenants Organisation to deliver a programme of physical and social leisure activities to tenants.
  • £3772 to Drylaw Parish Church to purchase computers to allow them to deliver classes and also to buy equipment for the development of its youth club.
  • £207.98 to Craigleith Blackhall Community Council to develop their website.
  • £5000.00 to LifeCare to install double glazing in their dining room to improve the comfort of older community users of the project.
  • £5,000 to Friends of King George V Park to start buildings work in the tunnels project
  • £900 to Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre for events for International Women's Day
  • £1,557 to Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre with Fet-Lor Youth Agency to develop Duke Of Edinburgh Awards
  • £2,500 to Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre to increase resources for youth and childrens work
  • £4,985 to North Edinburgh Arts Centre to support multi art workshops

For more information on Community Grants Fund, email Elaine Lennon by clicking here.

To download an application form, click here CGF Application Form

To download current guidelines for Community Grants Fund, click here: CGF guidelines

We are keen to get your views on how we dealt with your application.  Please click here to download our Customer Satisfation Survey and please return to Elaine Lennon on or post to Elaine Lennon, Services for Communities, 8 West Pilton Gardens, Edinburgh, EH4 4DP. Thank you.